Increase Innovation, Productivity, and bottomline performance


16-17 MAY-2017

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Workshop Overview

How do leaders engage staff, develop problem solvers and decrease their own stress so that everyone is able to work most effectively? What’s required of leaders to nurture and grow quality workplaces?

Participants in this 2-day workshop will learn the strategies highly-effective leaders employ to achieve outstanding financial and non-financial results. Through the concept of facilitative leadership, participants will understand and apply the skills and strategies needed to engage staff in the work that they do resulting in an increase in passion, productivity and effectiveness.

What You Will Learn

Build a high-performing workforce and decrease stress at the same time

Learn the strategies highly-effective leaders employ to achieve outstanding financial and non-financial results through the concept of facilitative leadership

Develop Facilitative Leadership skills to increase engagement and produce problem solvers

Increase your employees’ passion, productivity and effectiveness

Kathrina Loeffler

Professional trainer, founder and Executive Director of Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success (FICS)

Facilitates strategic planning sessions working with leaders to develop practical, action-oriented operational plans for 30 years

Director of Learning and Development at Accreditation Canada where she turned an “at-risk” department into the highest functioning and most satisfied department in the organization using facilitative leadership strategies

Specialized in: accreditation, quality improvement, Lean, leadership development, and intercultural communication

Certified LEAN Practitioner & Licensed LEADS Facilitator

Certified John Maxwell affiliate member

Christian Vulpe

Certified professional facilitator who graduated from McGill University with a Master of Education in Educational Psychology

Gifted presenter and natural facilitator who leads the work of Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success (FICS) with finesse

Areas of focus at McGill University was studying happiness at work

Nominated as one of “30 under 30” representatives at the Learning 2016 Masie Conference in Orlando, Florida

John Maxwell team member