Confident, impactful public speaking and presentation skills for leaders


5-6 DECEMBER-2017

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Workshop Overview

The interactive workshop will focus on public speaking skills for leaders who are experienced & need more confidence, tips and techniques to enhance their credibility and gravitas to become more dynamic and structured.

We often think of the content before we think of the audience and this should be the other way around. The program helps attendees to analyze the audience first. Based on Heather’s 26 years of experience working with leaders, she will share the best practices for dealing with difficult questions and challenging audiences. The course is full of top tips, tricks of the trade, practice and feedback in a safe environment.

What You Will Learn

Brainstorm common denominators of what makes an excellent public speaker & presenter

Add insightful tips to deliver your messages with clarity, credibility and enthusiasm; adding polish and confidence without losing one’s natural style

Recognize 4 audience types and how you need to adapt your style

Learn to have solid structural tools that provides you with a more confident foundation for your public speaking

Understand the methodology to keep your audience’s attention span by adding power words and phrases, richer vocabulary, use of physical space, modulation of voice, metaphors and analogies, any content can come alive!

Heather Dallas

A high impact public speaker, facilitator & Insightful coach in personal impact and career development

Qualified MBTI practitioner, Belbin Team Roles Consultant, Emotions & Behaviors at Work Consultant (EQ) and NLP Master Practitioner

Facilitates various programs globally in areas of personal impact, management skills, teamwork, presentation skills, life balance & handling conflict

Former learning and development senior manager at Deloitte for 12 years