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What is Corporate Olympics?

Corporate Olympics is an “Olympic-style” event whereas a contest between top companies in Kuwait will take place. Each company will send a team of employees who will compete against other teams in a variety of activities and challenges that will test their mental and physical capabilities and motivate them to achieve the best results.

All Challenges are team based, each member participation is key

At the end of each challenge, the teams will be scored points on a large electronic scoreboard. And at the very end, like in true Olympic fashion, the top 3 companies with the highest scores will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.

Why Corporate Olympics?

This high energy program is developed to meet the goals, desires and abilities of organizations that enjoy being in competitive positions where success requires effective action, communication, teamwork, shared responsibility and developing and planning.

Who is it for?

This event is tailor-made for companies who:

  • Are active and thrive in competitive situations
  • Bring high energy and enjoy having fun together
  • Want to increase team communication and teamwork in challenging situations
  • Motivate employees to achieve best results in business



Corporate Olympics Presentation

Information about Corporate Olympics Games, Schedule, and Scoring System.

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