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  Workshop Overview

A classroom experience based experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance through enabling positive work environments demonstrating how positive enhancers lead to higher productivity, less staff turnover, more resilient cultures, healthier employees and improved results.

Using a story about a group of frogs who occupy 4 different ponds and change color as they find happiness and success in helping others, and through highly engaging, interactive and stimulating facilitation methods that ensure full learner engagement, delegates learn a process for developing employee engagement, productivity and motivation to get more with what they have using the 7 Principles based on the work of Shawn Achor, the author of “The Orange Frog”.

The workshop culminates with the completion of an action plan to capture the delegates’ learning and actions against all of the elements of the program.


Speaker : Paul Rigby

Paul RigbyHe is a regular keynote presenter and facilitator at global industry conferences. Having spent most of his working life as a senior executive in the corporate world, Paul now consults with business partners and frequently assists them with their change, innovation, leadership and employee engagement efforts……..read more


Main Takeaways

  • Knowing the three core philosophies will be explored
  • o Happiness is a Choice (we need to choose)
    o Create a Comfort-Zone for Positive Outliers (we need to rise above the average)
    o Everyone is a Scriptwriter (we all have responsibility for the culture)

  • Discovering why Happiness is a Choice
  • Understanding why positive outliers are critical for success in the new economy
  • Stopping the predictable practices that drive positive outliers underground
  • Learning why organizations apply the success formula backwards and disengage their employees
  • Learning 5 research-proven tactics for increasing happiness
  • Learning why increases in happiness create increases in every business and educational outcome
  • Practicing the use of the “Social Investment Solution”
  • Identifying new routines which embed happiness into the work environment
  • Discovering why Social Scripts are the hidden secret to happiness and success
  • Learning to re-write the prevailing social script for a more positive environment for your team
  • Determining how happiness can be leveraged to drive your organization’s strategic agenda
  • Creating an action plan for personal growth
  • Creating a plan with/for your team to embed principles of positive engagement into existing work routines


Who Should Attend

Executive suite who lead teams, departments, and divisions.
Leaders at all levels; especially teams working intra-personally at the individual level and interpersonally at the social, team and leadership levels.

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