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  Topic Overview

Join Speaker and Entrepreneur Scott Schwefel for an engaging program to learn about how people really do communicate in color. Scott will take us through an experience where we learn how we use our brain to understand each other, and offer a system to help us all understand ourselves, and each other to improve relationships and maximize productivity.
Being self-aware, and understanding your impact on others is how you become a successful leader. Thousands of leaders in the world’s best companies rely on Scott Schwefel to understand themselves and others.

In Scott’s programs, leaders understand how each of the Color Energies are Motivated, and learn to connect with their teams, and cultivate a positive and effective work environment.


  • Knows Your Unique Style
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Understands Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Easily Builds Rappor
  • Delivers Impressive Results



Speaker : Scott Schwefel

schottschwefel2Scott Schwefel speaks from experience. A serial entrepreneur, he created and sold three businesses by age 40, and for the last decade has worked with organizations who want to develop new communication strategies that increase sales, profits and productivity. He is the author of four books……..read more


Main Takeaways

    In this interactive program, you will get the mini assessment and gain a deeper understanding of your unique color energies and those of others. You will also learn:

  • The importance of seeing others consciously.
  • How to adapt your own style slightly for maximum effect.
  • How to recapture wasted energy everyday by understanding your subconscious patterns of behavior.
  • How to use simple tools that will trigger new behaviors daily as you interact with others.


Who Should Attend

Business Leaders and managers, Individuals seeking greater self-awareness, Team leaders, and key team members

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