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  Workshop Overview

Culture is the foundation from which successful organizations are built—however, most struggle to create an environment in which employees can be fulfilled, effective in their work, and feel “unleashed”. What exactly is it that makes some organizations achieve and sustain breakthrough success, while others struggle with cultural transformation…whether it involves crafting a new compelling vision and culture or merging cultures?

Based on years of research and advising Fortune 1000 CEOs and senior leadership teams, John Mattone argues that the highest performing organizations both embrace and execute 6 critical steps to achieving positive transformation, but transforming culture always begins with leaders who are both willing and able to “think big” and be bold while maintaining a heavy dose of “humility”.

In this dynamic hands-on workshop, John Mattone details the essence of what is meant by the “vulnerability decision” as well as the other critical steps that must be executed in order for your organization to effectively accelerate its’ own reinvention.


Speaker : John Mattone

john-mattone-knowledgeclubJohn Mattone is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, talent and culture. He is a respected advisor and coach to Fortune 1000 CEO’s and senior leadership teams on how to create and sustain a leadership and talent culture that drives superior operating results. John is the author of eight books ……..read more


Main Takeaways

  • Discuss the latest research and ideas about culture and leadership.
  • Debrief 5CCA and CTRA-40 results and reports.
  • How to successfully transform your culture in support of operating goals and vision.
  • How to lead a C-Level team to best support your transformation initiatives and ensure sustained success
  • Define your transformation / change imperative and set goals.
  • Define your transformation strategy focused on leveraging culture “strengths” and addressing gaps.


Who Should Attend

CEO’s and Senior Executives, Managers, and Employees at All Levels.

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