IBuilding Skills & Knowledge in Leadership & Business Acumen


3-4 DECEMBER-2018

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Workshop Overview

INTERPLAY™ is an enlightening simulation that has been called a “mini-MBA in-a-day” for good reason: managers and professionals learn about running all aspects of a company and how their decisions impact overall results.

INTERPLAY™ develops the C-level capabilities embodied by highly effective managers by immersing participants in an intense practice field that reflects the real challenges of managing knowledge and resource capital.

During the simulation, participants compete to develop capabilities in those areas crucial to business success decision-making, value creation, resource negotiation, cross-functional collaboration, strategic thinking, and business and financial acumen.

“Manage the INTERPLAY™ of forces that drive success”

Learning Outcomes

After INTERPLAY™, managers and professionals have:

  • Strengthened leadership capabilities
  • Better strategic thinking skills
  • Ability to improve cross-functional teamwork and collaboration
  • Strategies and tools for creating a culture of success

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders of all levels who are running businesses where value is created through the INTERPLAY™ between Customers, Company technology and talent. Leaders today have become asset managers – managing both tangible and intangible assets for company success and shareholder returns. If you are managing a team or a department or a whole enterprise, INTERPLAY™ will challenge your thinking.

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James van der Westhuizen

  • A trusted advisor to many blue chip organizations and leading executives, active since 1998 as the managing member of Know House – a globally respected organizational development and change consultancy active across the African Continent, Asia and the Middle East
  • Led large scale organizational development and change projects for major public and private sector companies such as: MTN South Africa & MTN Group, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, and many others.
  • One of the most experienced Celemi solution providers with a track record across all products since 1998
  • Founding member of Sveiby Knowledge associates
  • African accreditation partner for Celemi of Sweden, Experience Point of Canada & 10,000 Feet of the USA
  • Part of the development team for the Tango 2.0 refresh with Celemi

Program Outline

Day 1

Introduction to the company you will be running today

  • Choose jobs, set up simulated company’s starting position, get initial direction from equity investors
  • Determine the company’s strategy to win

Period 1 – Run the first period of the business

  • Allocate resources consistent plan, manage through initial consequences of decisions, encounter 1st ‘Shift Happens’ events
  • Calculate year end results, post and debrief

Period 2 – Take full control of your company

  • Decide market strategies and make hiring, customer and internal initiative decisions
  • Manage through consequences of decisions, encounter 2nd set of ‘Shift Happens’
  • Major comparative debrief

Day 2

Period 3 – Build for the future. 

  • Assess — how are you working as a management team?
  • Produce a forecast
  • Run your company for P3, encounter 3rd set of ‘Shift Happens’
  • Post results, assess against forecast, debrief

Final Debrief and Applications – How well do you know your business?

  • Investor Presentations
  • Key insights / applications to running a company, managing tangible/intangibles asset, making decisions consistent with strategy, increasing business acumen