How to Diversify Your Company and Provide Inspiring Jobs

You are no more likely to succeed in diversification without intrapreneurs than start-ups are likely to succeed without entrepreneurs


 1 OCTOBER 2019

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Seminar Conference Overview

Intrapreneurs take an idea and turn it into a profitable business. They operate businesses that they have created. They adapt the company to specific markets. They serve internal customers with services that range from running funds for the company’s retail brokers when brokers customer ask for an environmentally screened portfolio to rebuilding pumps in a chemical plant at half the cost of earlier practices.
Being an intrapreneur in the tough but entertaining game of making an innovation happen and running a business can inspire the disaffected and disengaged employees who are just putting their time, but not their hearts or the full productivity of their minds. Fortunately new kinds of intrapreneurship both create lots of intrapreneurial jobs and a new and more cost efficient way to get the work of the organization done.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Many ways to use intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurship is like toast, you can serve many things on it. Learn how to use intrapreneurship:
    • To diversify and launch new businesses
    • To revivify and organization that is failing
    • To get strategies implemented
    • To cut costs
    • To address new markets
    • To manage acquisitions
    • To create a good link with an entrepreneurial partner
    • To get some good work out of those who are now “retired on the job.”
  • How to be a good sponsor of an intrapreneurial team you trust.
  • How to tell true intrapreneurs from the posers that venture capitalists call promoters.
  • How to build an intrapreneurial organization.
  • Some facilitation tricks you can use to enliven your meetings.
  • Some great stories you can use to explain intrapreneurship to others


Gifford Pinchot III and his wife coined the term “Intrapreneur” in 1978. He has been studying and applying intrapreneurship ever since. His first book about intrapreneuring was published in 1985 and introduced a new way of fostering innovation by creating space for innovators to express their entrepreneurial spirit within existing organizations. It was a New York Times bestseller and published in 15 languages. He went on to consult on intrapreneurship with over half of the Fortune 100 and many international organizations on every continent except Antarctica.


Gareth has over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Manager and Director within the power and gas industries before moving to help set up a consultancy which built an unrivalled reputation in delivering leadership capacity, customer excellence and creative ways of working. Gareth has helped to develop senior leaders across all sectors and has worked with a wide range of clients. He is also an executive coach and mentor, working with board level directors in many private and public organisations. Including those in the NHS, Government Office, O2, The Big Lottery and Npower.