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Knowledge Club

What is Knowledge Club™?

For more than 3 years, the Knowledge Club has been a leading knowledge transfer platform that provides top companies and individual professionals in the region with an exceptional training and development experience. The Knowledge Club is an annual calendar that hosts international world class authors and speakers to address various business challenges in different sectors and industries
The Knowledge club is the seed of a vision and an aspiration to provide the region with something unique and exceptional; from start-up companies to big organizations and individuals as well through multiple types of memberships.

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Knowledge Club™ 2016 is combination of four enlightening seminars and four interactive workshops presented by the world’s most renowned speakers, authors, and trainers.

Download Knowledge Club 2016 Brochure
English Version | [Arabic Version will be available Soon]


Why Knowledge Club™?

The Knowledge Club is a scheduled series of seminars and workshops which facilitate the preparation of an annual business calendar and training budget on an organizational level. As an individual, the Knowledge Club pre-planned events offers you the advantage to select the topics of your interest depending on the professional skills and competencies that you wish to acquire during the year.

Network with different level of business communities.

Keep up with new best practices.


Knowledge Club™ Membership Benefits

Enjoy from 20 to 60% discount on all Knowledge Club events attending fees.

Flexibility around how you utilize your membership (Membership can be used by different delegates.)

Certificate of Attendance signed by world’s top speakers and trainers

KC Membership Cards


The Knowledge Club was originally intended to create a bridge and make knowledge reachable to everyone.

The membership card is our idea to help individuals independently attend the Knowledge Club events, meet the world-leading thinkers in person, and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise that they offer to develop and improve.

Becoming a Knowledge Club Member ensures you a set of extra benefits; from up-to 60% discounts on the KC seminars to FREE invitations to KC workshops and exclusive discounts on all other workshops.

We have different plans to suit your very requirements of the number and type of events that you would wish to attend.

All you need to do is become a Knowledge Club member and Promise Yourself Success.