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Topic Overview

Innovation and change are the drivers for enhanced efficiency, improved competitiveness and increased profitability. Leading Innovation is an interactive, informative and enlightening workshop that addresses the critical aspect of how to implement innovation and change within your organization.

During the workshop, we will refer to numerous practical/actual examples of how companies succeeded and failed in executing their innovative ideas. We will use the parable “How Stella Saved the Farm” to demonstrate VG and Chris’s model of Innovation. (This is a pre-requisite reading the workshop). The workshop will show participants how to become a more agile organization and learn from a disciplined and proven approach.



Speaker : Paul Rigby

scott-friedman-vigoreventsA regular keynote presenter at global industry conferences Paul also consults with business partners and frequently assists with partner company change, innovation, leadership and employee engagement efforts……..read more


Main Takeaways

  • Improve leadership skills.
  • Implement innovative ideas.
  • Learn the disciplined 6 step model for implementing innovative ideas.
  • Embed innovation and change into the culture of the organization.
  • Stimulate creativity with a disciplined approach.
  • Create a common language and methodology.
  • Reduce conflict between the ongoing operations and the innovation engine.
  • Foster great team work.
  • Become a more agile organization.


Who Should Attend

Leaders at all levels within the organization. Senior Leaders, Operational Leaders, Front-line Leaders.

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