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Topic Overview

In this interactive workshop, global speech specialist Heather Hansen will show you simple ways to format your thoughts, develop your content, and deliver presentations with confidence. She will help you build on your natural style and ability to become an influential presenter who connects with audience members every time. You will learn to think on your feet and never be caught off guard, even when faced with the most difficult questions.

Speaker: Heather Hansen

heather-hansen-vigoreventsHeather is a Clear Speech Specialist and the author of the book, Powerful People Skills: How to Form, Build and Maintain Stronger, Long ­‐ lasting Relationships, which is part of the STTS Success Skills…..read more



This course has been designed to be a hands-on, interactive, practice-based learning experience. You will present multiple times in small groups and get lots of immediate feedback and support. You’ll also take away a detailed workbook full of helpful tips and guidelines for further practice and development.


Main Takeaways

  • Identify negative beliefs that hold you back from feeling confident.
  • Learn to manage your physical, mental and emotional states during presentations.
  • Analyse your audience to guarantee their support.
  • Develop clear and concise content that is easily understood.
  • Learn quick presentation structures that can be applied to any topic.
  • Incorporate stories and humour for greater impact and influence.
  • Think on your feet and structure your thoughts quickly and appropriately.
  • Manage questions and challenges smoothly and confidently.
  • Create appropriate visual aides that support you and your message.
  • Deliver your content with grace, ease and style.

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