How to Solve Business Problems and Sell the Solutions

Being successful starts with understanding you and unleashing your personal power!


 23-24 JULY 2019

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Seminar Conference Overview

Boosting your personal productivity starts with understanding your aspirations, goals and unleashing your personal power. This takes increased self-awareness, confidence, influence, responsibility and resilience. In other words: self-leadership.
In this interactive and dynamic, Sally empowers individuals to unleash their personal power, create goals and aspirations that inspire and drive productivity. She shows you how to tap into your best-self for boosting confidence and achieving results.

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Increased self-awareness, knowledge and skills for improving
  • Achieving your personal and professional goals Results
  • Relationships with key stakeholders
  • Leadership and career progression
  • Understand why personal productivity and self-leadership are fundamental for success in your life and career.
  • Learn easy strategies that are immediately implementable.
  • Increase skills and confidence for being more effective in your day to day work and life.
  • Know and build skills to motivate and increase your productivity and role model self-leadership to peers, colleagues and direct reports.
  • Build confidence and reach your potential by learning how to work more effectively.


With over 20 years of experience, Sally has worked with leaders at all levels across a range of industries from health dubs in Germany to shipbuilding yards and oil and gas companies in the UAE to community organizations in outback Australia
She has developed managers and leaders in aviation, telecoms, hospitality, education, professional services and finance
Sally created the Management Success Cards, authored the books Successful Feedback and The Productive Leader, and she brings diverse program and project management, and Leadership experiences to her speaking, training and facilitating
She holds exceptional qualifications including an MBA, and an accredited Professional Speaker, Certified Learning Professional and Executive Coach, and a Fellow of the Institute of Learning Professionals