Andy Hanselman

Business improvement expert, Author and consultant

Andy Hanselman helps businesses and their employees create competitive advantages by ‘Thinking in 3D’. That means being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ and doing things their competitors aren’t doing, or even better, can’t do! Being able to help advise and provide useful techniques to businesses, Andy Hanselman methods help to make them stand out from the crowd in today’s evermore crowded markets.

Andy has over 28 years experience researching, working with, learning from and speaking about successful winning businesses, their leaders and their people.

This has helped him identify 7 common characteristics in these successful 3D Businesses that help them get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors.

Think in 3D! The 7 Characteristics of Dramatically and Demonstrably Different Businesses is his latest book and in it he shares what these 3D Businesses have and do.

Andy brings these things to life in his presentations. From high impact keynotes that can ‘wow’ an audience, to longer in-depth interactive masterclass sessions that provide specific solutions, he offers a refreshing, relevant and challenging approach in today’s ever changing, fast moving world.

He has worked with and provided advice to a wide variety of leading organisations from a number of different industries, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Santander, Specsavers, ASDA, TEDx,
NHS, University of Hull and Irwin Mitchell.

Andy is recognized for his engaging, humorous, and down to earth approach. His stimulating, motivational and practical style offers real solutions to today’s business problems.



Delivering a consistently excellent customer experience is a challenge for many businesses. Customer expectations are rising, customer choice is widening and loyalty is harder to maintain. In this Business Case Session, business competitiveness expert Andy Hanselman will show you how he worked with a forward thinking IT support business to ‘Maximise’ their Customer Relationships.

The company is a very successful 20 year old IT support business that provides end-to-end IT services and solutions to organisations throughout the UK and beyond. It employs around 50 people, and prides itself on the customer service it provides, and has delivered to its clients over the years.

Although they did deliver excellent customer service to their clients, like many entrepreneurial businesses that have grown, sometimes this was inconsistent and reactive. Stephen, The Managing Director had ambitious plans to grow and asked Andy Hanselman to work with them to develop a structured and proactive approach to creating, building and maximising the relationships they had with their clients.

In this Business Case Session, you will learn how Andy worked with them to Forget CRM, and think MCR! That meant ‘Maximising’ their Customer Relationships, which he defines as ‘Proactively giving the best to, and getting the best from the customers that you want’. Yes, it’s about delivering outstanding customer experiences…. consistently, but it’s also about focusing your efforts and resources to maximise your relationships with your customers by spotting, creating and maximising opportunities with your customers. It meant helping them identify the customers they wanted to work with, getting everyone in the team on board and equipping them with the skills and behaviours to do it.

The result for this particular business was increased customer service levels, repeat business and extra sales. You’ll learn how they did this and how your business can too.

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