James van der Westhuizen

very experienced virtual learning facilitator and decision-making expert

The commercial value of decision making

“All business activity comes down to two simple things; making decisions and executing on decisions.”

  • Eric Schmidt – Google CEO

The main way in which professional managers add value to a business is by making great decisions. In a time of crisis this is even more crucial. So we have the highest value activity in business, but strangely the one that we are hardly ever trained to be expert at. Almost every business disaster and triumph can be traced back to a bad decision (Think of the Boeing 737 Max) or a great decision (Think of the Apple board’s decision to bring back Steve Jobs). In our case example we will discuss how one of the world’s top Pharmaceutical companies were able to improve sales and marketing effectiveness and survive and thrive during a crisis by simply focusing on decision making when a representative engages with a doctor or pharmacist. Using 5 minutes of engagement in the right way can turn a “nice to see you” sales call into a sales breakthrough. Great decisions need some technical competence – like business acumen – bot most of all they require using the brain as a friend, not an enemy.

During our dialogue we will examine the decision traps that our brain often leads us into and the way we can avoid these by honing our decision making skills. We will talk through a case study from a pharmaceutical company and ask participants to bring their key business decisions & apply the decision making frame work to get them started on better decision making. If you can make good decisions in a crisis it becomes an opportunity not a threat.

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