The Productive Leader

How to Achieve, Reduce Stress and Gain 2 Hours Per Day

ONE DAY SEMINAR | ترجمة فورية


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Seminar Overview

Time is precious! There are only so many hours in the day, yet there has never been more pressure to do more, ramp up results and deliver. Interruptions, distractions and time wasters throw productivity and potential into chaos. It’s a cruel irony that in a world of immense connectivity, we feel increasingly disconnected and unproductive: emails, calls, social media alerts stealing precious family and leisure time. The productive leader knows how to achieve more. They reduce stress, maximise their time and stay focused by leveraging their skills, people and resources. They are in control, inspire others and are happier. Are you ready to become a productive leader?

In this seminar, Sally fast tracks productivity! She empowers business owners, leaders and managers to be conscious of their thinking and actions to be strong, authentic and confident in their roles.

“The productive leader knows how to achieve more. They are in control, inspire others and are happier. Are you ready to become a productive leader?”

What You Will Learn

Increased self-awareness, knowledge and skills for improving:
focus and attention.
relationships with key stakeholders.
leadership and career progression.

 Understand why productivity is far more critical and valuable than time management.

 Learn easy strategies that are immediately implementable for reducing time wasters.

 Increase engagement with direct reports through improved leadership skills.

 Know and build skills to motivate and increase the productivity of your team.

 Build confidence and reach your potential through learning how to work more effectively.

Who Should Attend?

  • Top Management
  • Business and HR Managers
  • Heads of Departments
  • Middle Managers

Recent Client list

  • Queensland Government
  • Australia Post
  • Jeld-Wen
  • Smit Lamnalco
  • Nortec
  • CBRE
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  • With over 20 years of experience, Sally has worked with leaders at all levels across a range of industries from health clubs in Germany to shipbuilding yards and oil and gas companies in the UAE to community organizations in outback Australia
  • She has developed managers and leaders in aviation, telecoms, hospitality, education, professional services and finance
  • Sally created the Management Success Cards, authored the books Successful Feedback and The Productive Leader, and she brings diverse program and project management, and Leadership experiences to her speaking, training and facilitating
  • She holds exceptional qualifications including an MBA, and an accredited Professional Speaker, Certified Learning Professional and Executive Coach, and a Fellow of the Institute of Learning Professionals

Program Outline

  • The significant difference between time management and productivity
  • Dispelling the myths of time management and work life balance
  • The three key areas of productivity: personal, professional and people
  • Personal Productivity:
    • Busy versus Achievement
    • Time Wasters
    • Habits and Procrastination Triggers and Strategies to Elimiate Procrastination
    • Focus
    • Self-Motivation and Scheduling You
  • Professional Productivity:
    • Urgent versus Important
    • Minimising external timewasters
    • Effective Meetings
    • Multi-tasking, Chunking and Batching: two of these you need to do more of and the other you need to stop doing now!
    • Email and Calendar Management
  • People Productivity:
    • Delegation
    • Feedback
    • Coaching
  • The three underlying success factors for susteained productivity: Clarity, Boundaries, Relationships
  • Clarity: Vision and goal setting and goal alignment
  • Boundaries: Setting and maintaining helathy boundaries, role modeling boundaries and being assertive
  • Relationships: Rapport, Trust, Listening, Influence