BEE Engaged™

Improve motivation, happiness, employee engagement and productivity.


30-31 OCTOBER-2018

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Topic Overview

Employee engagement is a soft skill that has hard results. The ROE (return on engagement) increases the ROI (return on investment).

Bee Engaged workshop uses the story The Bee Book to convey the P-O-L-L-E-NTM Model of employee engagement to help leaders, managers and employees at any level, how to be more productive and enjoy what you do.

Everyone needs to understand the importance and the effect an engaged or dis-engaged employee can have on an organization. Bee Engaged workshop will help leaders do just that and ensure that on leaving they will be better prepared to engage their teams to obtain better results.

“Everyone needs to understand the importance and the effect an engaged or dis-engaged employee can have on an organization”

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the difference between engagement, motivation, happiness and satisfaction and their implications on the organization
  • Develop a common language (based on the story of the bees) to be used throughout the organization for practical engagement
  • Use the P-O-L-L-ENTM Model of employee engagement to help participants easily remember the steps for effective and practical implementation
  • Understand how ROE increases ROI
  • Look at your leadership employee engagement traits (via an assessment completed in the workshop) to help improve your leadership style to achieve better results
  • Understand how you as a leader must embrace employee engagement to help implement change initiatves, improve performance and improve bottom line results

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wishes to improve their leadership skills.

Anyone who wishes to improve results within their dept. or organization.

Anyone who wants to be re-energized.

If you lead people attend this workshop for new ideas.

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Paul Rigby

  • Renowned Author of The Success Formula & the Bee Book a story about change, innovation, employee engagement and leadership
  • Leading facilitator & certified master consultant of the BEE suite of workshops
  • Regular keynote presenter and facilitator at global industry conferences
  • Consults and advises with business partners and frequently assists them with their change, innovation, leadership and employee engagement efforts
  • Traveled to over 50 countries delivering keynote addresses and interactive workshops to large multinationals, government organizations, SMEs, business schools, schools and non-profit organizations

Program Outline

Day 1

  • Explore the difference between motivation, happiness, engagemen tand satisfaction and the scene for the what employee engagement is all about. We will start to explore the POLLENTM model of engagement with step P and O. We will also start to complete an assessment of engagement levels within your organization

Day 2

  • We complete the POLLEN model and the assessment culminating in the respective teams or tables writing their own version on how an “engaged hive” will look and feel like using the learnings from the workshop