Belinda Gannaway

Employee Experience Strategist, Coach and Facilitator
Belinda supports global brands in innovating and growing with purpose and values at their core. She collaborates with leaders at all levels to enhance culture and employee experience. With a background in journalism and marketing, Belinda has over a decade of experience in organizational culture and is now the director of FathomXP, an award-winning culture activation agency in the UK. Belinda co-authored ""EX by Design – How to Create an Effective EX for Competitive Advantage,"" which provides strategic tools for employee experience. She speaks at global events on these topics and was named one of HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinkers in 2022. Her awards include multiple accolades from the Business Culture Awards and the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards in 2021.

Employee experience – your powerful route to Greater innovation, productivity, and customer satisfaction


To navigate the complex issues faced by organizations today – from skills crisis, to AI, multi-generational workforces, distributed teams and more – organizations must develop greater capacity to experiment and explore (or remain at the mercy of uncertainty and change). Author and speaker Belinda Gannaway will explain why employee experience and organizational culture are fundamental to building this capacity – and share insights, tools and methods to help you do something about.

This is a practical and interactive workshop where you will get to experiment with the ideas and approaches, as well as collaborate with your peers. As a result of attending this workshop, you will be able to confidently:

Make a strong business case for a strategic focus on employee experience

More effectively use data and insight to define and evaluate an effective EX strategy

Apply EX design tools and approaches, including journey maps, personas and empathy maps, ideation and prioritization

Make the case for more agile ways of working to sustainably deliver a better EX

Develop managers and leaders who are better placed to ensure a healthy organizational culture and enhanced EX

… and apply new positive psychology techniques to your own work and leadership.