Intuitive Agility for Leaders

Speaker: Arupa Tesolin

As leaders, we are called to foster a brighter, better world and more effective organizations by aligning vision, self-mastery, and insight with agility and humanity. Enhancing your intuition skills can boost creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving, especially in uncertain times.

This workshop offers an opportunity to develop intuitive agility and creativity. You’ll learn to tap into your intuitive intelligence to navigate unknown territories, manage stress, and create ease in your daily life.

Key topics include:

The importance of mastering intuition today
Applications of intuitive know-how in innovation, decision-making, and leadership
Using the Intuita Intuition Assessment to evaluate and improve your intuition
Differentiating between genuine intuition and false perception
Quick methods to shift to intuitive perception
Understanding the costs of poor intuition
Applying the 3-step Intuita MindWare process to solve your toughest problems
On Day 2, bring your most challenging problems to practice using Intuita MindWare for deep insights and breakthroughs. Gain confidence in your intuition and learn to overcome barriers to intuitive thinking.


  • Date : 11/02/2025 - 12/02/2025
  • Venue : Kuwait

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