SPARK your Self-Leadership: Unleash your personal power

Speaker: Sally Foley-Lewis

Do you struggle to keep healthy boundaries?

Do you talk negatively to yourself about yourself?

Do you want more confidence to speak up, stand out and influence more?

If you answered “yes”” to any of these questions, or even answered, “sometimes””, join Sally Foley-Lewis in this session to UNLEASH YOUR PERSONAL POWER!

You will learn about the three focus areas for unleashing your personal power and take away tips and strategies to boost your self-leadership so you can grow and inspire your service, colleagues and stakeholders every day. This will be no ordinary lunchtime speaker session, expect to have some fun while unleashing your personal power!

Why fire up confidence, influence and courage?

Understand what self-leadership is in the most practical of terms.

Appreciate the importance of self-leadership in your day-to-day.

Make the connection between self-leadership and career success.

Understand the three key areas that help you identify and boost your self-leadership

Learn nine ways to boost your self-leadership


  • Date : 27/05/2025
  • Venue : Kuwait

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