Learn how to build a meaningful brand master class

Speaker: Thomas Kolster

Most companies and leaders are today firmly on the social and environmental issues bandwagon like bees around a honey pot from oceans plastic to diversity. People are increasingly distrustful towards these efforts viewed as cheap marketing stunts meant to wow people into buying more. In challenging economic times will value for money win over values? Kolster showcases the future of brand building and how to build an authentic, people-first leadership that cuts through the noise. It’s not about making people believe in your brand’s purpose or values, but rather making them believe in themselves and their ability to bring about change.

The workshop will provide you with the Arrow-model to create a real brand transformation as well as tools to create relevance and avoid purpose-washing. These tried and tested methodologies are all you need to unlock behavior change at scale and sustainable growth that benefits all. It’s a brand strategy that pays off because you’re not only showcasing your brand, but you’re also involving your customers – and all stakeholders – in a problem-solving quest to make your brand and the world better. It’s about taking a fresh look at the world around us – and seeing how your brand can play your part. You’re climbing the brand ladder from being functional, aspirational, purposeful to being transformational; it’s brand heaven.

How to become an authentic leader or brand

The evolution of Goodvertising campaigns – and how to do great work.

How to craft authentic, meaningful brands that stand out.

How to avoid greenwashing and truly enable people.

How to create effective yet impactful work

The necessary hacks to win in Cannes and create real impact.


  • Date : 24/11/2024 - 25/11/2024
  • Venue : Qatar

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