Think8® – a revolutionary ‘new think’ to create exponential growth for business and careers

Speaker: Mark Shekter

The world today is faced with disruption and uncertainty. Needed is an entirely innovative approach – ‘new think’ – to build profitable, sustainable business. Think8™ is a patented methodology that gives leaders and executives around the world the tools to navigate uncertainty and create remarkable enterprises that generate wealth and sustainability.

An analysis of the current global economy

Briefing on what the new consumer wants: disruption in the digital age

The 8 challenges facing business

The solution to the 8 challenges – Think8® methodology: origins and global application

Instruction to the 8-Step Scale®: theory and application

Exercises and drills in Think8® application to business

Case studies on exponential growth using Think8

Application to participants current businesses


  • Date : 04/05/2025 - 05/05/2025
  • Venue : Qatar

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