Transforming in a digital world – what it takes to make a traditional company digitally driven

Speaker: Robin Speculand

The challenges many leaders face are that their organization’s digital transformation is not accelerating at the pace they hope and that leading their organization to be digitally driven requires a different leadership skill set.

This highly engaging, informative, and interactive one-day course explains how traditional companies transform to being digitally driven. You discover how the top-performing digital transformation companies succeed, what they do differently, and how their leaders embrace a new style of leadership. You will also acquire the often-missing frameworks and models to guide your organization through digital transformation, hard-one insights, and best practices.

Receive two models to guide your whole organization to success.

Understand why two-thirds of digitalization efforts fail.

Assess your organization’s actions against the Ticking Clock Model.

Leverage the Digital Maturity Index to identify your place on your digital journey.

Discover how DBS Bank effected a successful digital transformation.

Learn best practices and success secrets from around the world.


  • Date : 09/12/2024
  • Venue : Qatar

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